The schooling format at ‘Education that works’ holds classes for students from grade three to grade ten. The curriculum is holistic and focuses on academics, skill education and personality development. Stress is also given on the four Cs, which are considered to be the four cornerstones of education. These are,

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  • In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the art of communication is fast fading out. As people use machines for most purposes, the skills of one on one communication are becoming weaker. Building on good communication skills, creating a generation that understands and is well understood needs to be focused upon. In this regard, ‘Education that works’ focuses on development of communication skills, such that students have clarity in expressing themselves, be it by one on one conversations or via the written word.

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    Critical thinkers

  • Rather than blindly following what they read, students need to have the ability to think for themselves. Creating critical thinkers involves engaging children in the process of doing things. The aim is also to encourage children to see problems in a new light and figure out new solutions. Incorporating this into the process of learning is seen to have more encouraging results.

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  • It is imperative that people learn to work with one another. This is an important skill in today’s day and age. The ability to use individual skills for collective advantage is important. However, in times that foster competitiveness and individuality, this ability is fast fading. Encouraging team work, creating a generation of team players and helping hone the skills of collaboration is another focus here.

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  • Out of the box thinking is what led Edison to invent the bulb. Had he decided to do things in the same old manner, the world would have had to live in darkness for a long time. Encouraging such creativity, allowing students to make mistakes and giving a supportive environment, so that they can learn from the mistakes is another important objective here. To encourage the creativity streak, students are often taken out on tours to new places, where they have the opportunity to see, observe and learn from the world around them.

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