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introduction speech

Education that works is a collaborative effort in itself, and is empowered by the community around it. Besides a great team of students that makes us proud every single day, our community is made up of parents, teachers, educators and subject matter experts. Our community enables us to become better in the following ways.

Opening ceremony
  • Smart Rooms
  • Because our classrooms are smart learning spaces for our students, they are called Smart Rooms. Each of these rooms has an open plan with plenty of natural light. The construction of classes and the benches are made of eco friendly materials, thus promoting the importance of environment and low carbon footprint. Each classroom is equipped with a lab, to enable students to experiment on the concept they learn. Additionally learning aids that are digital and non digital are both used to promote learning.

  • Board of governance
  • The community of Education that works is spearheaded by a board of governors. This is made up of student members, community residents, parents and educators. The system of education is constantly scrutinized and course corrected whenever necessary. The board also helps identify areas that need attention, and enables that education is on the right track. Alumni students of the school, also come together as representative members and share their inputs with the board.

  • Volunteers
  • A constant stream of volunteers and subject matter experts bring in new energy at the campus. Whether it is helping students conduct new experiments, learn something new or take them on a trip, volunteers offer their generous support of expertise and time. While certain volunteers have offered support through the entire academic year, there are also people who come in occasionally.



Guest speakers are also regularly invited to address students about their line of work. Giving career guidance to students through their own line of work experience, these guest speakers address questions and queries from the young students and guide them towards better education. Career counseling sessions for students are regularly held, so that students get to know of the various streams of education and work that’s available for them.

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