Education Conference

Located in Minnesota, Education that Works is a model of innovative education, that attempts to redefine the way children learn. Started in 1997 as an experiment in education, the results of the first year, surprised us. Started as a collaborative effort by the Greater Economic Development Corporation, United Way, and the Public School Districts of the region, the idea was to give children a better education system. Today, after 33 years, the education system has been well received, and continues to create students who are smarter, better and more rounded personalities.

During the initial year, the project took up a limited number of students, and created a syllabus that tackles academics, skills and personality development components. The timetable thus included special classes for the newer skill sets. Additionally students were encouraged to understand the problems in the community around them, and identify unique ways to tackle them. The results were surprising, and students were seen to be able to create unique solutions. Some of them also voiced their thoughts on open forums, which led them to build confidence in themselves.

Till date, the Education that works platform has taught over 5000 students, who have gone on to become scientists, teachers, researchers and experts in their field of choice. Some of these students also continue to teach at the institute. To achieve good results, the school has a three pronged approach

  • 1.To impart education that is of practical value in today‚Äôs world. Rather than helping students to gain promotion from one academic class to another, the education must have practical value.
  • 2. To impart education that teaches life skills. Often schools limit the learning of their students to books alone. However it is important that students know the skills necessary to survive in life.
  • 3. To impart education that is complete. Students should finally become good individuals and better team players. And education should give them the skills to do that.